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Become a highly paid export consultant

Join Xport stars

Xport stars is a SEVEN WEEKs programe that gives you  the TOOLS you need to build the CONSULTANCY BUSINESS you want

This program is designed for:

  • New starters -People who want to start an export consulting business but have no idea how
  • Chained Business professionals - those who are chained to their job and they feel that the hamster wheel is only moving faster 
  • Somehow-already entrepreneurs- People who are already entrepreneurs  and start a lot of things but they haven't found yet the right vehicle to arrive at the finish line
  • do everything entrepreneurs - brilliant consulants and coaches that try to do everything but mostly they have a revenue problem at the end of the month
  • Already consultants- consultants, coaches and trainers that are fighting everyday to find and keep their customers
  • Students - Students of International business , trade , management, export management etc 

Additional value- We connect the connectors

Become part of a large network of export consultants worldwide that support you and assist everywhere you need in real time

What will be covered in the programe:

Export-import technical knowledge and all around it


Designing a business model appropriate for your business and internationally comparable


Designing Services that you customers need  and are willing to pay for.


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Benefits of you attending the export consulting accelerator

Learn to design meaningful services that sell

A lot of resources to download, PDFs , tools in excel and lots of blueprints

Weekly new videos based on each topic

Peer to peer support in the online platform

Certificate -Austrian  quality

One to one coaching 

Go from 

" SMEs in my country don´t pay for consultancy" 


 "I finally know how to design services that my clients buy and are thankful for the advice I gave them" 

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   399,00 Euros ( +Vat) 

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Xport stars a marketplace and community for export professionals


We are a team of  certified Export Consultants from the European Union. We have often faced  difficulties to find reliable partners and profesional partners in different countries.

 Thus we are aiming to create the first and only worldwide network of export consultants who are willing to support and connect with each other in any profesional matter.

create the change and dont wait!

Join us If you are a:

  • certified export consultant
  • aspiring export consultant
  • Trainer, coach or mentor
  • Investor

we are looking forward to hearing from you !

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