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We believe that the businesses of tomorrow can do well (profit) and do good (impact) and they will not sacrifice one for the other.

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From the heart of Europe to a global reach

Köstinger International Consulting is a boutique consultancy company located in Vienna, Austria.

Why us , why impact

After spending more than a decade working as international advisors, we decided that just selling consultancy, isn’t good enough anymore.

That making profit and making change should no longer be mutually exclusive.

Our world is on fire and today more than ever there’s no time to watch from the balcony . The most successful companies of tomorrow , the ones that will survive and thrive will be the ones that take a stand today.

So, we left our international agency life and started here again in Vienna, a place where great people and smart thinking stir good businesses.

Where startups and SMEs can do better, can be inclusive, can focus on #socialchange #environmentaljustice and grow responsibly, using their power to change the world.

Quality first: We offer consulting at its best standards

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